Saturday, January 12, 2008


No, I'm not overdue yet. But sister-in-law Sarina is. Good thing she is patient. I think an update and some Christmas pictures are long overdue also.

We spent Christmas at the Koops' and then New Years at the Bell farm. Christmas eve was the opening of one present. A drum set from the Koops' for Kellen. He enjoys it. I think Michael and Sheena were disappointed that it's not as loud as they thought it would be. Ha to them.
New Christmas pjs are a must for cousins, aren't they? I remember some pictures with the Ashby cousins in our matching pjs.
Everyone obviously knows what Kellen likes best, cause he sure got a lot of trucks. 12 I think, to be exact. And there's also a lot of new books, his other favorite thing. I'm enjoying having new material to read to him.
Ian and the girls enjoyed the fun with the quad and the sled on Katepwa lake. And, I don't think there were any injuries. Kellen didn't enjoy so much yet as it made him a little nervous, but I was surprised he stayed for a little ride. But, when we asked him if he wanted to go again - it was a very quick, adamant and serious "no".

More to come later from the Bell's.
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