Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're still here.

We are still at home. Baby girl is still staying put. Kellen is still growing and changing constantly. Here's a few new shots...recent food faces and new hairdo.

The green lumps you see on the table are green eggs. Pureed spinach in scrambled eggs. Kellen loved them!
Kellen's great purple mustache. He begs for blueberries all the time. We've started making our own yogurt - that was my Xmas gift, a yogurt maker. Kellen would drink blueberry yogurt all day long if I let him.
Last Friday I got tired of the crazy touque hair Kellen always seemed to have and took him for a haircut.
Don't be fooled by this pleasant looking picture. There was a lot of whinning and candy involved to get him to sit.
He sure has got a lot of comments about what a little boy he looks like now. Not only his hair has changed. His vocab is picking up more and more. He came running to dad, who had a plate full of cake tonight "I want a bite, Daddy!" Wow, a real sentence and perfectly understood. He just about went crazy with excitement when he got his animal DVD put in and turned on all by himself. He ran around the living room yelling "YES!" and jumping up and funny! He was so proud of himself.

The title of the blog also fits our recent experience, which felt like a bit of a New Year's repeat. We were only going to stay at my parents for 2 nights, which somehow turned into 6, I think - kind of a comedy of errors and strange events. I found myself laughing again at being the guests that wouldn't leave Andrea's this week. Ian & I were only going to stay Saturday night and then leave Kellen and have our getaway on Sunday for my bday. But, after a call from Ian's work Sunday afternoon we had to cancel our B&B plans since his Monday morning off got cancelled (grr...I really don't like K-Line now!) So since I'd had plans to meet up with Mom in Regina monday morning, we decided to stay another night. We put the sheets that had already been washed back on the bed. Then the blizzard happened on Monday and it seemed silly to try drive home, so we stayed yet again. Mom and I went out to do a little shopping Tuesday and I had to call Ian from the side of the road with bad news about the truck. It really looked like we were going to have to get a new transmission but I'll keep the story short...some line had come off and it wasn't such an expensive fix. But, it wasn't going to be ready until some time on Wednesday. So, back to Andrea's to unpack the bags that were ready to go and put on the sheets that had once again been washed. So I guess that is your warning if you let us stay with you...we seem to be the guests that won't leave!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kellen, you look so handsome!!
Auntie Jenn