Sunday, February 03, 2008

I suppose no news is still news.

I've decided I should start updating the blog everyday now. If there's no new know where I am! Tuesday is "the day" when miracles should happen. Yeah, right. I'm trying to be prepared for at least another long week of waiting. Until then I will keep myself busy.

I've spent the last couple of days looking for my sewing machine manual. Ian got me a real nice machine with his mastercard points at least two years ago I think. I've only used it once. With the project I've been wanting to do for the kids room I thought it was time to dust off the machine and put it to good use. Of course without the manual I couldn't figure out how to set it to try some appliqueing (is that a word?). After laying in bed for over an hour with no sleep tonight (no, I was not fretting about the manual) I got up to look for the manual again - success! I have learned that I have a great machine and its super easy to use, especially with the manual in hand. I've having flash backs to 4-H sewing days with Auntie Maxine tonight!

So, I'll try not to be too impatient this week and stay busy. We are getting anxious to see who this little girl is. (Hopefully that will help us finally decide on a name!) Until now, I think I've been impatient to not be pregnant. Now I want to know if she will have red hair...and if she really is a girl!?

Just in case, I guess I should go get some sleep. Ian had no work last week because of the weather. Probably things will happen tomorrow since we are happy he has work again.


melissa said...

We've been thinking of you and checking for updates! Hope to hear the exciting news from you soon!

Maxine said...

And "Auntie Maxine" still uses her good ol' Phaff to quilt. I remember hauling it along to the sewing classes, too. Fond memories, Janet! :-) I await your exciting news. God bless!