Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kellen!

Kellen turned 2 yesterday! It was a very eventful day, especially considering we had our worst night yet before the big day! Ian and I had stayed up a little late icing the fire truck cake. I had to take a picture of Ian doing the icing. When he offered to do the red, I first said "no thanks" thinking he wouldn't be particular enough about it. But, I have to give him credit - I was very wrong.

I don't know if Kellen really understood what a birthday is all about, so I kept trying to explain it all morning. Lori, Molly & Anna came for lunch and cake. He had fun playing with Molly and using the paints she gave him. Kristal came for a visit after work. We went to preschool gym night. AND Koops', Auntie Andrea, and Great Aunt Sheena came for cake after that!! Kellen got to blow out candles on his truck cake twice (surprised me that he understood what to do and was able to!)

It's hard to believe he is 2 already! Happy Birthday, Kellen!!
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Maxine said...

Happy birthday, Kellen!!! Pretty cool cake!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Awesome cake too you guys! Happy b-day Kellen!
Auntie Jenn

Pamela said...

Happy 2nd birthday Kellen! Love the cake!

Ian said...

Happy (belated)Birthday Kellen. Your life adventures are just beginning.