Saturday, February 23, 2008

Getting out!

I feel like spring is here. It is so good to get out with the warmer weather. Kellen loves running around the park and has gotten better at making it through the snow. I think even Lanelle enjoyed getting out - she slept the whole time in the sling.

Ian and I both got to go skiing today. I took it easy, but it felt pretty good. Ian has been obsessed this winter with learning about waxing techniques - and I've got very tired of hearing about it. In fact, some pretty serious threats were made the other night to make him quit talking about it - and he still couldn't help himself. However, I really appreciated it today. Never have my skis felt that good - perfect glide and kick. I think I may get obsessed too. Ian is going to miss his skiing once spring comes. We want to get a Nordictrack ski machine - if you know of anyone with an old one that they'd like to get rid off, we'd love to buy a used one.
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melissa said...

Great pictures! It's fun that Kellen loves the outdoors as much as you do!

Heather said...

great pics too. It was probably nice for you all to get out and enjoy the fresh air and God's wonderland.

Ian said...

We built a quinzy this year but I'll be glad enough to see it collapse and melt in the warmer weather.