Monday, March 03, 2008

Running for help

Last week I ran to my parents for help. Ian was working away and I didn't feel like being at home myself with the kids. Kellen loved going outside with Grandma everyday and spent a lot of time shoveling. I should really post the video of him dumping snow on his face - funny to everyone but himself. We got to visit Great Grandpa and Ruby Bell to show off Lanelle.

And the new cousins got to hang out! Ariana is a sweetheart. Tim figured Lanelle is already being a bad infuence on Ariana, since she spit up shortly after meeting Lanelle. Apparently Ariana is a perfect baby and never spits up! Ariana got a little lecture about choosing friends wisely.
Ian is gone again for the week. So I should really go get in a nap before Kellen is up. It was a very, very, very early morning today, ouch.
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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Love that one of Elford with the girls.
Thanks for sharing.
Kathy Y.

melissa said...

Cute pictures! I got to meet Ariana this week so now I'm impatient to meet Lanelle. You are doing such a good job of keeping your blog updated with two kids around! Thanks for sharing!

Davis Family said...

Yeah for parents - seriously don't know what I would have done over the last couple years without my folks. We are very sad that we missed your quick visit and we are wishing you a safe trip home.
Berta & family

Diane said...

Good looking babies. Mine is cuter (hee hee)but you have to take what you make. Kidding. Congrats.