Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Learning is so fun

I think watching your kids learn must be one of the most fun things in life. I enjoyed watching Kellen process what an easter egg hunt was about. At first he wanted to throw them. It took a couple of explanations to get him to realize it was candy that he would want to keep instead of throw.
I love listen to his ramblings even more now that I can actually start hearing stories and figure out what he's thinking. When we were sitting in the car at mac the moose he was so excited and then suddenly wanted Daddy's keys. Once he got them he says - Out! Help mac the moose. Open gate. Daddy's keys - Ha! He thought he should free Mac!
Today there have been few words spoken though. Poor Kellen. He threw up a couple times this morning and then developed a fever and cried for several hours. I was starting to get worried but he calmed down after I gave him some Advil and he's sleeping now. It's so hard to see him so lethargic.

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Anonymous said...

I hope everyone gets feeling better soon. Sounds like it has been rough. Hang in there!