Saturday, September 19, 2009


This summer Kellen asked me why Grandpa had a combine. When I told him to cut the crop that grew in his field, he looked confused.
K - But how does it get there?
M - you mean how does the combine get to the field?
K - yeah?
M - it drives there.
K - how?
M - on the road
K - oh! (surprised) Can it go super fast??

The conversation came out of nowhere. So, I put it on the priority list to get him out there to see how things work. Once we were there, Kellen was pretty nervous to get on the combine, so I had to ride with him and Uncle Tim for a bit until he would let me leave. Tim said I had better try and see if I could remember how to drive. Kellen didn't think that was a good idea. So, I did just so he could see that mom can drive mighty machines too. Kellen stayed out real late with Grandpa in the tractor with the grain cart. He came in dirty, happy, and a little more informed about the farm machines.

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Grandpa Gerry said...

Thanks for keeping your blog up to date. It seems that Kellen enjoyed the combine and tractor rides. Someday soon he will be able to dirve the combines just like his mommy.