Saturday, September 19, 2009


ok, just one more post tonight (I finally was getting a wack of pics off the camera). Here are just a few random favorites that made me happy.

Isn't it fun how boys want to be just like their dads? Isn't this girl beautiful? And oh, is she ever strong willed and showing a lot of confidence lately. I love the way she struts around.

I really did pick up the knitting again. Here's the second project so far. I'm almost done the second leg warmer for Lanelle. The first one fits great! It is much more relaxing than trying to scrapbook when I'm up late.

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Davis Family said...

Just so great to see your updates! Isn't it nice to blog about the things that make us most happy. Making sure those are the memories we can recall later! Great stuff Janet. God bless you all.