Saturday, September 19, 2009

garage sale weekend

This was the weekend to garage sale in town! I had Friday afternoon off and noticed the balloons on almost every street on the way home. So, I found a great case for the small, but hopefully growing costume and hat collection ($1). I asked about the stickers on it, and the lady talked about her trips there, which was very fun. The coolest little coffee set up I think I've ever seen ($3)
And a beautiful tea set ($4)

And that was not all. We participated in a parade this morning (Kellen did really well biking and Lanelle was very happy in her backpack). We were pretty much at the end when I jumped out of line and grabbed a Fisher price art easel that I've been keeping my eye open for. Kellen is sleeping with the big semi truck he got. He told me he loved me tonight. Why, I asked. Because you bought me the best truck! At the rate I was going, I will be planning my own garage sale for this weekend next year to try get rid of stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice finds!