Sunday, October 04, 2009

crazy late night

The bread turned out absolutely wonderful. I hope I have time to make it again tomorrow. If I don't forget the molasses again, it might even be better. I am really, really looking forward to my day at home tomorrow.

I loved, loved the Food Secure Saskatchewan conference I attended the last 2 days. I sometimes feel that I won't learn anything new at some conferences, but this was not just the same old. I did learn some new things. A practical thing - The Green Ranch that runs a CSA for Weyburnites. They are from Osage and I did not know about them. If you live around that area, you should check them out here.

We just finished pureeing a mound of tomatoes, I think we must have done almost 15 L.

I bought paint today for the porch. I'm itching to get at it now, I can't wait to see if its how I envisioned it. I hope its not a disappointment. I hope I'm posting pictures of that soon.

Why, oh why, is there not more time in the day? And why am I up so late again?

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