Friday, October 30, 2009

vacuum advice

wishing I had a vacuum advisor tonight. Mine is not working. No suction. I thought it had been getting worse for awhile. Even with a brand new bag in it, the button flips over to full every time I turn it on. My carpet looks really awful right now.

So, I picked up one that was 40% off at Ian's favorite store. Dirt Devil Vision Power Pak Canister. Looked good - HEPA filter and it says POWERFUL on the box. It also said #1 consumers choice. But, then before I open it, I go looking for reviews online. I find only a few, and they are not that great. I'd really like to vacuum my carpets right now. I'm sitting here beside a box, wanting to open, but not so sure anymore, and wishing i had a vacuum advisor. Maybe I just should have just vacuumed instead of investigating.

UPDATE: Amy, funny that I tried a friend's Dyson from next door just after I wrote this. After that trial, I would have liked to get one until I looked into the price. If we were keeping our carpet, I might have felt more like investing. Since we are hoping to go to hard floors soon, I opened the Dirt Devil and found it actually works great too. Someone else told me after that according to Consumer Reports, there are other very comparable vacuums to the Dyson that are not as pricey. The Dyson was pretty awesome though - I especially loved the swivling head that made it super nice to vacuum the stairs.


Anonymous said...

Tough when the vacuum DOESN'T suck!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I am not the expert on vaccuums but I hear you should get a Dyson. Noel's mom and sisters all have one and they are so good that they suck up dog and cat hair. I want one. It is on my christmas list.