Sunday, December 19, 2010

just for fun.

making: lip balm with the beeswax I bought yesterday - hopefully this afternoon!
cooking: swisschard and potato soup - tonight
drinking: coffee - just finished the cup
reading: through knitting pattern blogs
wanting: to know if I'm planning for a boy or girl
looking: at my silly Lanelle watching the Dragon movie perched on the back of the couch
playing: with beeswax - soon
wasting: my precious afternoon - here
sewing: a could choose from the stack of pattern and material - projects planned and waiting
wishing: I could go cross country skiing this afternoon with Ian
enjoying: the current (and momentary) slow quietness in the house
waiting: to be done this little exercise to begin some fun
liking: the scarf I am almost done knitting
wondering: what decision will be made
loving: the idea of not having to rush out the door in the morning to work
hoping: I might have this baby early
marvelling: at how quickly my kids are growing
needing: to start working on some Christmas projects
smelling: ?
wearing: my only good fitting maternity pants - which I'm sure you know if you've been around me lately.
noticing: the clock is moving too quickly
knowing: this next year is going to FLY by
thinking: about pulling out the lip balm instructions
bookmarking: the cutest sweater dress I want to knit - in case I have a girl
giggling: at Lanelle's cute voice and expanding vocabulary
feeling: not as overwhelmed as yesterday, a little more thankful than 5 minutes ago, but still so tired.

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