Thursday, December 02, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I had the idea to getaway for a weekend and thought the kids would enjoy waterslides. The thought crossed my mind to go to Minot, but that was more of a getaway than I wanted. At the last minute, I tried to find a place in Regina and could not find a hotel with waterslides that had a room! Ian was driving home through Weyburn that night and decided to stop and check at a hotel there. All my plans for shopping while they played on the waterslides disappeared, but lots of quiet (and some knitting time) sounded fun. So off we went. They hated the waterslides, they begged Dad to play with them in the pool (which was too deep for them), and mostly they tortured him...

We actually bribed Kellen with the promise of a new transformer to eventually get him to try the waterslide a second time. Ian had missed catching him the first time and he'd went under the water, which he hates. I was sure he'd end up liking it if he gave it a chance. His first response to my promise/bribe, "It's okay mom, Christmas will be here before I know it." He did try twice more, but it wasn't fun and he wasn't doing it again. In his defense it was a dark, totally enclosed slide and was super fast (Ian can attest to that - it caught him off guard the first time he went down! And he had Lanelle with him that time. It took them quite awhile to come up. Thus, Lanelle's refusal to go again.)
So, the waterslides - not a hit.
However, I did not realize how exciting the hotel would be. I'm thinking it was their first time in a hotel, which sounds like they never travel. They've stayed in a vacation home, in relatives home, in a tent... but unless someone can jog our memory, we're pretty sure it was their first time in a hotel. Their own big bed to share had them over the moon. Oh, and I can't forget the excitement of the elevator or having a turn to use the card to get into the room - seemed to be the most amazing things EVER!

I am often surprised at what is exciting to them. Things that honestly seem a little ridiculous to me. Then, something I am sure they will love - they hate. That's kids, I guess! But then again, who would think a weekend at a hotel in Weyburn would sound like a good idea!?


Davis Family said...

After baby comes you guys will have to come to Calgary for a "get away." Stay with us! Our hotel is super cheap!

Julia said...

Or Edmonton. There are more kid-friendly waterslides here ;) Jedd and Kellen would have a blast together! I miss you!!!
Love Julia