Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sledding Fun

I sent Ian out to go sledding with the kids so I could have a quiet morning. He even took Ivan and Dominique out too. I was having selfish hobby time, but kept thinking about them having fun sledding and felt like I was missing out! So, I made hot cocoa and packed up some muffins to have offerings to join the adventure. I guess its my own fault that I don't feel like I get enough quiet time - I don't want to miss out on other fun either!

This was my view as I approached the hill.

Only Ian and Lanelle were interested in my offerings. The other kids were having way to much fun to take time for carob chip muffins and hot cocoa!

I'm glad I didn't miss out.


Angela said...

Thanks so much for giving me a break- even if you didn't get one!! I had some selfish me time in and even got in a workout! yeehaw ;) Ivan was saying you brought treats out to them only he said they were carrot chocolate chip almond muffins and I thought that sounded good! I'm sure his mistake came from me not having taught him what carob was!

armacleod said...

Those are some great pictures Janet!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun for all! I wouldn't want to miss out either. Last Sunday Mike took the boys skiing without me and I was sad all day. I made a promise to babysit a friends kids.