Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Latest adventure...

Take a look at my many photos and guess where we were?  Super fun to make the kids feel like they were a part of the hunting trip with Dad and Grandpa.  They also had so much fun with Grandma Mary.  Reserve may not have a playground, but the railway tracks work just as well :)  First thing when we woke up, the kids wanted to go collect "treasures" (rocks and steel) and what an adventurer Grandma was for them.  She also taught them about what happens when you leave pennies on the track.

Kellen decided we should go back in the evening and have a rock collecting contest.  Funny, he wanted to win the most rocks collected, but he said his little neck hurt carrying his heavy bag of rocks and Mom had to carry them most of the way.  He learned about some of his rocks from Grandpa and Grandma, we'll see if he remembers anything about the types of rock next time.

He also remembered the big ant hill that he'd found when we were here in June and wanted to go torture the ants some more.  We found the ant hill pretty much empty, except for a couple we called guard ants.  We left wondering what happens to the ants for the winter, do they inhabit the same hill again, or will they make a new one.  Anyone know??

One morning I actually got up to see the early rising hunters off.  We did not know that the picture would document a day to remember, as they did get their moose.  A cow and a calf.  Ian said the twin calf came out of the bush too.  Ahh, I am not a hunter, because I think my heart broke thinking of the poor little twin calf all confused without his mom and brother.  Bill may have posed with a cane for his picture, but I don't think he was thinking about needing it as they pulled the animals out of the bush.  Sounded like quite the "fun!"  (maybe Ian and Bill will write in their story here...?)

The kids remember our last trip home and the great park along the way, so even though Neve was sleeping peacefully their pleas filled with such desire convinced me to stop and have some fun.  Such a beautiful evening.  Glad we made more fun memories here.  (Kellen made a birthday cake with candles, in case you can't tell ;)

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