Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Food

It's the time of year when I get way more excited about food.  The garden has surprised me again by its abundance that seems to come all at once.  How fun today for Kellen to decide we should have kale chips for lunch and take off to gather it himself.  Of course, he couldn't help but pick some peas, beets, and carrots too.  He even wanted to pick onions, which made me laugh since he hates them.  (Maybe I'll get him to like onions this season!)

Every once in a while, I think I should start including more here about food, having the dietitian's perpective and all.  But, when I think about changing what I do here, that usually leads me to thinking about why I blog and what purpose it serves.  Which in the end leads me no where, since I'm not sure what is really my purpose at times, other than it makes me happy to reflect and remember all the blessings.

Since its all about making me happy :) and lately good food has been making me smile....
 If its true you are what you eat, we may turn into black beans around here soon.  Is there a better bean?  I don't think you could argue there is.  If you want to include more beans in your diet, load up on black beans, mmm.. Neve's tray often has a few black beans even at snack time and she gobbles them up.
 We'll have to figure out how to get some of this unique specialty spice from Texas when this runs out, cause we use it and LOVE it on everything! It was awesome in some mashed up black beans for our tortillas.
 With fresh spinach and black beans rolled up together, how can everyone at the table not be happy??!!
 Neve gets her's deconstructed and her corn on the cob cut up on the side.

Black beans even went on the pizza tonight.  Have you tried grilling pizza?  It's going to be my new obsession.  Mix up your pizza dough, throw it on the hot grill for 2 minutes to get a super crisp bottom and a light and fluffy top. Add your toppings and throw it back on the grill to melt your cheese (cook your toppings, like onions first).  Tonight there was also my first batch of pesto added to the pizza and sauted garden onions.  So very, very delicious.  If you haven't, you MUST try to grill a pizza.
 We've even gotten a few cucumbers and I'm so excited to add in cold avacado and cucumber soup to the menu more often.  There's been a lot of swiss chard and potato soup too (I was thankful for those cool rainy days so I could make it again :)
Chick peas, orzo and veggies - just another of the many summer salads I am looking forward to this wonderful garden season!

Don't you love summer food?

If I were a "real" blogger, I would probably take the time to give you some links to recipes.  If I were a "real" cook, I might have recipes to share, but I find I use recipes rarely these days.

What summer foods do you love?  Are you more food inspired (or hungry) now? ;)


Angela said...

I was thinking how incredibly awesome our garden is doing, but all we are picking is lettuce, spinach, a couple of beets and some beans, ok, on second thought, that is a lot! I totally want kale for next year! That sounds great. That made me laugh about Kellen, Ivan is loving to pick beans, but doesn't want to eat any! Posting all those pics of food is making me want to get more creative!

Angela said...

oh yeah- I'm totally going to miss that spice too. I'd thought of keeping a bit in the jar as decor- but I don't think I'd be able to see it there and not use it- knowing how good it makes everything!

Sarina said...

Mmm, I am definitely hungry after reading this post...I love garden season too and am quite excited to be using some of our vegetables now! Someone else was just telling me how amazing grilled pizza is, so I may just have to try it.