Thursday, July 05, 2012

Celebrate Growth

They were so excited for the parade.
We talk about Canada Day,
to try help them see it is more than just about candy.
 But I think they celebrated candy more than Canada.
(Kellen insisted a bag was necessary to haul his loot)
 We took them to the fireworks
And I'm sure they will never forget the grass fire that started
Or the cute vintage little town's firetruck that raced by us to put it out.
 Sometimes we just see what is right in front of us
And forget the meaning behind what we see
 I wonder what kind of flowering bush this is in our yard
But did it make me stop to think about the Creator who has given us this gift of beauty
 Sometimes we just see the hurt in front of us
and the teaching that should be done
 But do we see the love learned and growing through it
 There is often beauty after the storm, isn't there?
My patience and perspective were tested today.
I didn't really think to consider that at the end of the day,
I would see that I had been stretched a little more
ready to love and appreciate more tomorrow.

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