Saturday, June 30, 2012

Appreciating Nature

I've been reading about permaculture.
The premise is not fighting nature, but observing and understanding.
It changes the way you grow things.
 I don't like this boys nature of gravitating towards computers and games.
But maybe I'll learn not to fight it so much.
Finding the balance.
Because look at him take off on his bike
and go on his own nature adventure.
Shares it with excitement and pride.
 There's so much to explore out here.
I notice how little our place looks
on this big prairie
 when we bike down these roads.
Filling our morning with peace
just being out in this nature,
its just my spirits way of being.
We each are small in this large world,
but we are all significant.
 I notice the roses in my front yard
so amazing they are
for which I've done nothing.
They just do their thing.
 I'm learning to not look at what needs to be done
in these scenes I capture.
I see what's happening
these kids growing, running, loving, learning.
Observing the nature of kids.
 Sometimes finding quiet at the chalkboard wall
 Growing tall and speaking real words
We hear shoes, eyes, out, off, rubber boots!
Doing the actions of the book.
Yes, its just their nature to learn and grow so fast.
(And yes is just the answer I give
when the kids say its hot, lets go to the beach!
Why fight a good thing?)

 And, all things in balance
after a quiet day at home together,
we invite friends over for the next.
 So good for people to share and eat together.
So good for kids to play in the outdoors together.
Of course they climb on bales,
It's another of my favorite childhood memories.

These permaculture thoughts might just make sense for more than growing gardens.
Sometimes we don't have to make things happen,
Sometimes nature just takes care of itself.
Observe and seek to understand is the first step.

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