Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Success

I wondered if I'd mind the drive to town and back, again, and again... I'm thankful to find that I don't at all.  It's reflecting time.  Or preparation time.  Depending on what is ahead or behind me.  Today, as it poured on me all the way home, it was reflecting time.  I knew supper was being made at home.  (I have a good husband who knows many variations of ground moose one pot meals).

I cranked up the heat because my feet were wet and I tried to take the chill off.  My fingers were dirty even though I'd washed them before leaving work.  Wet feet and mud ground into fingers and nails being the result of planting a garden on a wet cold rainy day.  It started several weeks ago, talking to a group of youth about food security.  Today we took boards, dirt, compost, seeds, and tomato plants to a young girls house.  She had excitement about learning and enthusiasm to grow food.  She told us she was gifting the garden to her mom.  She drilled the screws in to make a box.  We layed down cardboard over weeds and grass.  We filled the box with dirt.  And we talked about seeds and growing things and eating vegetables.  She asked me if I'm a vegetable girl.  Oh, I am!  And a dirt girl.  I felt so alive being out there in the drizzle planting. And, sharing what I've experienced in my years of gardening with someone so keen, {Big Smile}, there are no words for the happiness.  I told her many times when I would answer a question or explain something, that's just the way I do it, but there are many different ways.  You will learn your own way from successes and failures.

I pray tonight that her little box garden with be successful and someone else might fall in love with gardening and growing food.  I ask for more wisdom to learn from my successes and failures.  I take the time to appreciate heart warming moments of sharing and enthusiasm.  One garden planted makes this day a success.

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Angela said...

yipee! I know we are thankful to see things growing in our garden and I'm seeing not just the excitement of getting fresh food eventually, but also the community aspect. We talked to you and others about technique. Ian and our neighbor helped till the earth. We will most likely get to share produce with others. I find that natural ways of bringing people together in communication and sharing info or resources is awesome! yeah for your great day and drive to give thanks for it.