Monday, June 11, 2012

Bursting Hearts

Its difficult to share because I can't show you our bursting happy hearts.  The little stories don't convey how much we are loving everything here.  Plus the words don't really come when I'm so bone tired and wanting to be in my bed :)  But, here's a few snapshots of bursting heart moments captured.
 Kids always so dirty.
Lots more smiles and less whinning. 
This littlest one is always wanting to keep up with the big ones and be outside with them.
My heart fills even fuller watching the work of getting ready for chicks.  Thankful for the new "Acreage Ian" as I call this man who is enjoying all the work.  
 And I laugh so hard at the girl in the robe and many hair clips and beads who goes adventuring so far into some unknown trees that we have to search for her.  What a free spirit she is.
Constantly talking to herself, telling her stories to no one in particular.
 Watching to see what the dog will do with a baby bird found lost on the road.
Loving the amazing evening skys outside my windows.  And my heart loved it even more when Kellen sighed tonight watching the sunset and hearing him saying thanks for moving here and for how beautiful it is.

Just a few moments of the many that are filling our hearts to overflowing.


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Davis Family said...

Just thrilled for you guys! Praying God heaps blessings on you and yours!

Anonymous said...

aww, that's so sweet. Can't wait to come & take it all in too!