Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Picnic Day

The idea of a picnic was so exciting.  I wished I was going, because I do have so many childhood memories of how much fun these picnics were.
 But sometimes you just have to send the kids for their own picnic to try to let the baby sleep in peace and quiet.  And, to get a moments peace yourself to try at least get the dishes done. 
It was really so much fun, regardless of the fact it took about 30 minutes to prepare for (because there really were so many ideas and so much excitement) and only gave me about 20 minutes of peace.

I am quite tired now of feeling like we are camping.  Try as I might to put the unpacking on the priority list, the boxes never seem to disappear and I'm not sure we'll ever get much farther along than we are at this point.  I suppose I started feeling like I was drowning today.  I made myself stay calm as I managed to tread water.  But really, can I ever make some movement down this long lane and reach the goal of having our HOME again. Pfft.  I'd really like to invite some friends over, but it just doesn't seem like a good idea yet.  Oh, soon, I hope.

However, there were lots of other successes today.  Mostly that we lived this day and loved it.  Homemade raspberry popsicles, moose pot roast supper, a start on the garden weeding, planting of more tomatoes, squash, lavender, thyme, peppers, fairy tales read on the picnic blanket, teaching the boy to clean the toliet, 3 loads of laundry completely done (yes, even put away with Kellen's help and Neve's, um, attempt at destroying helping), and at least 3 boxes unpacked.  Plus those chicks were checked on (and so far we haven't lost any) and I actually did have lots of fun being silly with the kids today.  Oh yes, now I remember ;) It was a great day and actually pretty productive as these days go with the constant "Mom!" callings and requesting and demandings.

Too bad Ian is in the garage replacing the oil pan on the car.  This is the fourth one.  I had said the Golf would not be a good car for us anymore on these gravel roads.  But, we do hate to give it up.  Ian thinks he'll build some sort of a skid plate for it.  Anyhew, I'm certain this fourth one will be the final and lucky oil pan for us ;)

And now, my time is up to go wipe down the bathroom after spraying the 1/2 hot vinegar/ 1/2 dish soap concoction that I see everyone raving about on pinterest...

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