Monday, June 25, 2012

A Blade of Grass

It's Monday, which is hard to deal with sometimes after a 4 day long weekend that was fun and busy.  So I was REALLY late for work and I beat myself up.  Then, I realized I had forgotten to do something very important last week, and I beat myself up some more.  When I got home, I got mad at everyone for turning the house into a disaster.  How will I ever get unpacked when I can't even keep up with the daily stuff? 

But it's just life.  I connected with 3 women at a babyfood making class today and it was fun.  And after dishes were done, chick house was rebedded together, and the bikes were pulled out and we explored the roads together for the first time.  Tonight in the quiet, I enjoyed a smooth drink, popcorn and tried reading some W.S Merwin.  I wouldn't call myself a poetry person, but I like it occasionally.  Sometimes I don't get it, but this one got me (I hope its okay to share this one here?...).  From Migration...
What if I came down now out of these
solid dark clouds that build up against the mountain
day after day with no rain in them
and lived as one blade of grass
in a garden in the south when the clouds part in winter
from the beginning I would be the older than all the animals
and to the last I would be simpler
frost would design me and dew would disappear on me
sun would shine through me
I would be green with white roots
feel worms touch my feet as a bounty
have no name and no fear
turn naturally to the light
know how to spend the day and night
climbing out of myself
all my life
um, so stress just melted away.  I quit fighting whatever it was I was fighting.  Tomorrow will be even better.  I'm ready for bed now :)

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