Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Growing and Going

Some days they don't seem to grow up fast enough
When they whine and they're needy
And I just want to have some peace
It sounds ugly, but its just the truth, that there are hard days
 But when I peek in on them sleeping and reflect in the peaceful quiet
I am in awe of how fast they are growing
Such long legs sticking out of blankets
Little sister helping littlest sister fall asleep quietly
laying beside her crib.
My heart melts.

Tonight there is one less in their shared room
As Kellen is sleeping in a bunk bed at camp.
I can't believe we let him go,
I can't believe how much he begged to go,
even though he didn't know anyone else.
What a brave adventurous little lad he is.
And it makes me wonder about all the places he will go.
I am already looking forward anxiously until Friday at 7pm...

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