Thursday, November 08, 2012

Stay home day

The decision was made early this morning, though Nell's fever had broken in the night, she still needed a stay at home recovery day. Ian had stayed home and cuddled her yesterday, so it was my turn to stay home. Kellen pressured me that his cold needed a rest day to finally get better. So here we are, all together at home, after several texts and calls to make the necessary changes. I started making plans to sit on the couch and read books to the kids for most of the morning. The kids had other ideas and by 10:30 with my coffee rewarmed for the 10th time, I was beginning to think these hooligans are not so sick after all.

Only 1 book was read to neve, but play-doh extravaganza has occurred and been cleaned up, the mega blocks pay loader has finally been built, nerf gun wars loudly taken place...

Though I feel a little guilty as they have sprung to life on this stay at home sick day, I am thankful for the fun. And for the freshly gathered poached egg in my homemade tomato soup. And the worn out girls both napping now while kellen quietly plays with his army guys. And for finally having a coffee while browsing my newest cookbook. This is turning into a wonderful stay at home day that we were much in need of.


Anonymous said...

A stolen day is a wonderfulday - and memory
My children thought they were fooling me when I "let us all stay home"!
More mother-in-law wise advice, "She who fights and runs away kives to fight another day"

Anonymous said...

Too bad I never learned to 1. TYPE and 2. Be patient enough to check for inaccuracies!
Love, mary