Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great-Grandpa Cecil

We were at Michael's delcious birthday supper (which he cooked himself) on Saturday. It was nice to have Grandpa Cecil there. I love this picture of him with Kellen. So nice to know that Kellen will know how much he was loved by his Great-Grandpa. I hope Kellen will have some memories of Grandpa Cecil himself. And, I'm sure Kellen's dad will tell plently of stories so that Kellen will know what a special Great-Grandpa he has!


Ian said...

It looks like you are taking good care of my Uncle Cecil. Oh, and good care of Kellen too.

Eric said...

That picture looks like I remember G'pa.

Hey Ian (Mac), I have not been able to get to your blog.

Maxine said...

What a wonderful picture. It will mean a lot to Kellen some day and it looks like it means a lot to GreatGrandpa NOW.