Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Come for a walk...

If you came for a walk with Kellen & I, here are some of the amazing views you would see. This one is is looking back across the lake at Fort Qu'Appelle. Wilf O showed me a few things about my camera, so here I am testing a few of the features. I really liked this b&w in landscape mode.
Kellen usually sleeps for most of the walk. Often with both hands turned upwards like he's meditating. Of course the day I took my camera, he didn't.
I know this trail will soon be covered with snow, so I've been trying to get out everyday with Kellen. Is anyone else mourning the ending of summer as much as I am?

If you're ever passing through town, make sure and stop for a beautiful little walk.


Angela said...

breathtaking, i can almost smell the water of the lake- thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Auntie Janet- I want to come with you on that walk and visit you before it starts snowing. I can almost smell the trees at the lake. I don't want summer to end either!
Love, Kayla

J'nea said...

Mourning along with you. I hate winter and having to deal with all the kids inside. It makes me crazy! I need wilf to show me all the features on my camera. Oh wait, I forgot it is BUSTED! I guess he will have to show me on my new one when I get it.