Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yummy food!

Kellen is trying more and more foods now (beets, squash, avacado...) He is even starting to eat more than 2 spoonfuls at a meal. Ian hates this picture of Kellen with the beets...looks too scary he says.
Not quite so dramatic with some barely visible rice cereal on his face. The rice cereal has been more scary for mommy. Did you know milk powders are added to rice cereal? If you know that babies shouldn't have cow's milk until 9 months (due to allergy risk), you can understand how confusing that is. I'll let you (any moms who care) know what I learn when I do a little more research. For now Kellen is eating organic brown rice cereal from the health food store. Downside is there is no iron added. And, infant liquid iron supplements = torture. Kellen has sporadic shudders for an hour after I give it to him. I tried it and it made me shudder, yuck. If you try rubbing a fork on your teeth, you would probably understand. I think I'll try to add some meats soon...

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jenn with two n's said...

Scary? Naw. Love the action photos. Keep them coming.