Thursday, September 21, 2006

Frustations & Blessings

(Here is my delayed pictures from last weeknd. Blogger can be so frustrating...).

I couldn't say what the best part of last weekend was. My trip to Saskatoon was full of good things. Definately one was seeing Uncle Stan. Regardless of what he says, he is inspiring to me! His steady faith is amazing!
FINALLY spending some time with Julia was, of course, absolutely magnificantly marvelous! I love good friends! I can't wait for her little one to arrive!
Time with Brad & Pella was so fun, regardless of the flood in their apartment. So many good moments (including Pella's yummy curry chicken) that it would be hard to make note of just one memory...but being able to laugh about Kellen doing his "business" in the tub will remain a fresh memory for a very long time.

I got the car fixed on friday (coolant leak) and the leak was worse already on saturday. It was bad enough that I had to extend my stay in Saskatoon (thanks P&B for putting up with me). But I guess it was just teaching me what I heard at Sunday sermon and the small group study...troubles can actually be blessings. Although frustrated to not get home, I loved small group sunday night and all the extra visits I got in. I tried to recall that lesson tonight...

Tonight I was on my way to Katepwa to have supper at the Koops' and the relatives visiting from Norway. The low fuel light was on in the car...tsk, tsk Ian, I am not suppose to have to fill the car (although after he hears what happened I probably never will have to again). So I go where we always go (they know us there) and the guy (the owner) comes out to fill and is visiting away with his friend. He didn't ask if I wanted in filled or what but i didn't interupt. All of a sudden he has a look of horror and asks if its a diesel! Of course it is, it says so on the cap and he should know, shouldn't he?!?!? Okay, so maybe I should have said something too and been paying more attention. Good thing he was good natured (and yes it was a blessing he realized before I drove off). So we push it into his garage...this story could get long...he ended up having to take off the tank to drain it, Kellen and I had to walk home, we missed supper, and I thought I was going to miss meeting up with my sisters in Regina tomorrow since he said it would probably take him all day. But I tried hard to count my blessings (and a phone call to sister Jenn helped). I've been so tired since Kellen is getting up 100 times a night, it was nice to relax at home for the evening (after I quit feeling sorry for myself stuck at home without Ian or a vehicle), and I'm SOOO glad the car is okay. So, there's a long story for you (oh, yeah, he called later tonight...he stayed at his shop until he finished and he even delivered it to my house). And Dear God, I get the lesson. I don't need any more frustrations to practice finding blessings and a postive attitude.

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Monica said...

That sure does sound frustrating!!!
It was so nice to see you on the weekend, and I'm glad it worked for you to stay for life group, too!