Tuesday, September 05, 2006

End of Season

The garden is reminding me that the end of a season is near (or is it here?) Maybe summer is gone. Maybe it is fall. Sure looks like it with a lot of yellow and orange colors in the valley.

Kellen enjoyed the beautiful fall day (or should I say summer, it was hot...) while we cleaned up some of the garden. I'm thankful for the wonderful garden we had this year and already look forward to next spring to try again. Next year I'll be on the lookout for disease in the tomatoes before its too late. Next year I will not let Ian plant 5 hills of zucchini.

Somebody can let me know if it is summer or fall.


pella said...

HI there! Officially Fall begins on the Autumnal Equinox which I believe this year is the 23rd of Sept. So technically it is still summer. Yipee!
Looks like you're having fun.

Janet said...

Well, thanks for clearing that up!!! Hope you are having fun also...you haven't posted in awhile. Hey, I'm coming to Saskatoon next weekend. Hope you are going to be around!