Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Year Report

We brought in the New Year at the Muirhead farm. Again there was lots of good times with family and too much eating. Kellen & I took advantage of the good weather and played outside most days.
Grandpa Bill got to know Kellen much better. I am thankful that Kellen has wonderful grandparents.
The dogs were so interested in Kellen and he had no fear of them. One got a lick of his face and Kellen was delighted by the event. There was also much delight in watching the horses. I think I had the most fun watching Kellen. It's so amazing to see him take in new experiences. He keeps me guessing what will be delightful and what will be scary. I thought he might be scared of the horses but he kept wanting to touch them and smiled the whole time. I thought he would love swimming, but when we took him he was freaked out and had a horrible look of fear the whole time!
Here's us trying out the new sled. He loved it so I think it will get lots of use.

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