Friday, January 12, 2007

Not Much To Say...

It's been a week since I was here. I guess I haven't felt inspired to say much. But since I had these great pictures I thought I'd share. And, maybe I do have a few things I could say...

I should have posted on Tuesday to wish my sister, Kathy a Happy Birthday!! Pretty fun to turn a 1/4 of a century-old. She is an amazing woman in all she does!

The highlight of the week was getting our passports since we are leaving for Florida on Monday, and I was beginning to get nervous that we wouldn't be able to get on the plane. The whole Bell family is going to Disney World!! So for those of you who have been, what are the must "see and do's?"

Everytime I log onto blogger it asks me if I want the new version. Not being very trusting of technology (well, really by abilities with technology) I always say no. Any advice? Have you changed? Is it better? Is it necessary?

I have to congratulate my wonderful friend Julia and Denny on the arrival of their little boy, Jedd. I'm in awe of Julia since she had a home birth with no pain relief!! What a woman!

Kellen's new thing that amazed me this week: he initiated peek-a-boo. He surprised me when he started pulling the shirt up over his face, waiting, pulling it down, and flashing me a big grin. He loved it when I would say "where's Kellen?...peek-a-boo!" Ahh, the little things that seem like such big things to me.

It is now officially less than a month till I'm back at work. How strange is that. I think I've been in denial. I have asked for my position to be .75 instead of full time. Hopefully, I'll get a positive response from that soon. I have a daycare that I think will be okay and maybe I will get my first choice of daycares in April. I've passed the crying phase now and think I have reached acceptance. I think Kellen may actually enjoy being around other kids more. I'm getting excited about my job again. I'm just hoping he adjusts quickly and easily.

That's it, that's all. I'll quit my tidbits there.
Thanks Auntie Sheena for the visit last night! Kellen had fun!


Maxine said...

I'm glad things went well for your friend to have a healthy home birth. We have said many times that it would have been tragic for Melissa and Josiah and we were very grateful to the medical teams assisting them. Kellen is always such a happy little boy. He'll make lots of friends at daycare!
P.S. I made the switch to the new account without too much difficulty but have no idea what difference it makes ?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,
I know mom and dad have talked to your parents about the must do's of Disney World.
I can suggest 2 great websites

Both have a wealth of information.


Angela said...

I made the switch and like it better. It is faster and gives more options, like you can change your template colors and design with very easy to use formats. Adding links is eons easier and it doesn't take as long to post. One negative is that you can't retract a comment you made on another person's blog, they are the only ones with the power to delete it. Hope that helps making the decision easier.

Heather said...

Kellen is soooooo adorable in that picture!! Good luck with going back to work - hope he adjusts as well as yourself!

My sister Holly, all four children were home births - last two her husband delivered without a midwife at their home....too scary for me!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip! That's so cool that your whole family gets to go together!

As for new blogger, I just know I can't post pictures straight from Picasa anymore. :(

It was hard for me to go back to work after just 3 months, so I can imagine what you're going through! I'm sure all will be just fine, though.
Monica (It won't let me sign in!)

Laurie said...

I updated to the "new" blog. Was easy to do, does a bit more, but nothing major.

I hope your return to work goes smoothly for both you and Kellen! Will for sure be thinking of you!

A trip to Florida!!!! Ahhhhh, how nice! Enjoy your time there! You'll want to go back (not that I have gone to Disney World, but I sure miss Disney Land!)

I had a home birth with Emily when we were living in Winnipeg. It is very professionally done! And was such an awesome experience for us! Although the rest of my kidlets are hospital births. And so far, the hospital here has been very good for us!

Take Care! Have fun on your trip! You'll have tons to blog after that!

PS....Kellen is so cute!

Erica said...

Hmmmm - must sees and dos....

Pretty much everything!

We went last year - spent 1 day at each park - and it wasn't nearly enough!

I'm all about the rides, but we were with friends who took us to some of the shows. They are really amazing and I would have skipped them if just on my own. The Lion King presentation is absolutely incredible - I highly recommend it. It is sort of a 20 minute version of the songs and dancing from the musical.

Of course - space mountain, rock'n'rollar rollar coaster, splash mountain, and all the big rides are an absolute necessity. There is a space ride in one of the parks (I think Epcot) that is a vertual trip to the moon. If you have a weak stomach - do not go! It is the first ride I've been on that actually had puke bags and even I considered them!

We didn't get to the Everest ride - but it looked really cool too!

So - ya - have fun and make sure you stick around for the fireworks and light shows every night.

I think I had more fun then my kids!