Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mr. Incredible

For those who voiced interest in these pictures, hope you haven't given up on me. Finally, I got the new blogger to let me post some pictures! I was about ready to switch to something else.

Who do you think is trying harder?
Kellen & I are enjoying our day at home together. It has been hard on him, but he is adjusting quickly. The sitter said he seemed really settled yesterday. He wasn't so clingy and he played well on his own finally. Perhaps it is harder on mom??? I'm certainly not Mrs.Incredible. Guess I might as well learn now that I can't do it all...having a clean house, being a good mom, work outside the home, and have the time for myself I'd like. I don't go to spinning class if I worked that day, which is a necessary decision, but a sad one. I dont' know when I'll ever get to scrapbook now. But, I try not to worry about it. I am enjoying my work immensely again and am thankful I have such a fulfilling job. And of course, I love my time with the boy...who I should go play with now, since he has tried to eat styrofoam out of the garbage and is currently trying to pull cords out of the computer!
He is not listening to my "no" about climbing the stairs by himself


Tyndall Family said...

Our boys are only 2 weeks's a fun age!! I, too, am trying to find the balance of and home and hobbies. And I've been told that it'll only get busier!!

charla said...

Hey Janet, I am with you on the busy thing. Sometimes it feels like days of laundry and dishes will never end - pretty much all of my favorite pasttimes have gone by the wayside for now but I just keep telling myself that there will be a day when this part of my life is "over" and to try and enjoy the moment. Not at all an easy thing to do I might add! This ENTIRE week I have had at least 1 kid throwing up every few hours. Not sure how to enjoy that exactly!