Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We're Still Smiling!

Kellen & I headed out the door at 8am. He was super happy, until I put him in his sitter's arms. So I remembered some good advice (thanks Charla and Jen), smiled, gave him a kiss, walked confidently out the door, and trusted that he would be fine in minutes. I later learned he did settle right down and had lots of fun. The 3 year-old, Elise, told me that Kellen loves her!

I picked him up at noon and took him home. Yes, we kind of got to cheat today. Ian is home for the week since its too cold to work. I was able to nurse him and put him down for a nap before I went back to work. So, for this week it should be a breeze. Now, it's next week I get to worry about... Hopefully, he will be more settled in his new environment by then and he'll nap okay.

I really enjoyed being back at work (other than a few brief moments of wondering how Kellen was). I'm looking foward to getting some programs going that I've been planning in my head over the last year. Wow, I'm a working mom now!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good day, Janet. I've been thinking of you both.
Auntie Maxine :-)

jenn with two n's said...

Glad it went well! I've been thinking about you too.

charla said...

It sounds like you have a great place for Kellen - I am so glad it went well!

Davis Family said...

I hope he doesn't do what Gavin did and start to cry when you pick him up to take him home.
So glad it is going well - go Kellen!

Anonymous said...

Thought about you all day. I am glad it went well.

Monica said...

I'm glad it went well, and that you found a good place for him. That makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Lin said...

I am glad things are going well for all of you. Jac did the same thing as Gavin and cried when I picked her up. Oh well it just reminds me of how wonderful my daycare provider is!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see a picture of two smiling faces when I checked your blog today!!
Love- Jenn

Laurie said...

Sounds like a nice way to ease into working! And you sound very upbeat about it all! Good for you! :)

Take Care, thinkin' of ya.

Anonymous said...

Janet, It's great to see you both looking so happy. I was thinking of you lots this week.

Anonymous said...

Janet, I just have to pass on to you exactly what Kellen's great grandpa Bailey had to say. I read your entry to him and he smiled as he always does when thinking about Kellen. So I asked "What shall I tell Janet from you?"

Dad said, "He is in God's hands. She has done a wonderful job - if she prays steadily it will work out this way
Love to all, mary

Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to check out your blog. How nice to see the photo! I was thinking of you and praying for you both over the last few days. So glad to hear that things went well.