Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time, Habits, and Prayers

I've been thinking about time. It's a funny thing, how it flies by so quickly. I've been thinking of all the things I'd planned to do during my mat leave. I now have 5 days, well, 4.5 days left. I can't believe Kellen will be a year old soon. More than ever I see how precious each day is. So, I play with Kellen a little more, and leave the floor dirty and the clothes unwashed. I give him just a few more kisses every day. It all sounds so trite, to write about time flying by, but it is so real to me lately.

I am trying to prepare for going back to work, while at the same time pretending its not really happening. I have been trying to get Kellen to go to sleep unaided in his crib, since his new caregiver likely won't have time to bounce him to sleep. It's been working somewhat better. I still seem to have to be in the room until he will finally quit crying and go to sleep. I think he may do a lot of crying next week before his naps. Hopefully the change in habits at home will help. A very wise friend (Sarah) once told me not to worry, that little ones change habits quite quickly. I am holding on to the hope that Kellen will form new habits quickly at his caregivers without too much anxiety for either of us. I also think about trying to make new habits myself, to help things go smoother. I have a few meals ready to go in the freezer. Hopefully, I can turn this into a habit. Cook on the weekends or in the evening, so when Kellen and I get home, it can just be play time. I also hope that the new habit of getting up earlier will be made easily! Since Kellen has changed a long standing habit and now falls asleep in his crib, surely the other habits will also come.

I have found a new caregiver for Kellen. I was going to take him to a new daycare run by 2 young girls. I just didn't feel that good about it for some reason. So, when I heard about a mom who just decided to stay at home was looking for kids to sit, I inquired. I'm glad I did. She has a 3 yr old girl and a boy just older than Kellen (I'm sure they'll get into lots of trouble together). She won't be taking anymore kids for awhile. Hopefully with the extra attention this arrangement will give Kellen, he'll settle in okay.

So, I'm sure you see i have some anxiety. Please pray for me and Kellen next Wednesday morning!


Heather said...

Good luck with your return to work. Those first few days of dropping Kellen off will be tough but easier if you feel comfortable with the sitter. I made it easier on myself with Kristie - I found a sitter on the way to Murray's work so he had to drop her off (LOL)

And I agree, time so flies by! Somedays I can't believe how old my children are - where did the time go????

Blessings, Heather

Anonymous said...

Time is the weirdest - when you're waiting for something exciting it moves so slowly and when you want it to stop it moves so fast.

Katie turns 13 this weekend - I feel like it's been minutes since she was Kellen's age but every minute has been part of an incredible journey.

Less laundry more lego - that was always our motto!

Enjoy work - it helps make you more appreciative of your family time!

Take care,

charla said...

Hey Janet - I'm glad you found a place for Kellen that sounds great - He really will enjoy it. One of the most important things is for you to be confident in your choice and show him that. Kids are really sensitive to your leading - I have seen it a lot with the kids I have looked after. If they think that they can make you feel guilty and stay even for a few seconds longer, they will milk it and ,really,the second you leave they are fine. (Of course the first week or so they may be truly scared for a while but this very quickly fades). Often, it is the parents fault if the child isn't adapting well. It will be hard for you to leave a crying child but he will adapt so much quicker if you show him that this is okay and he will be fine. And he will really like having kids that he knows well and plays with every day. Of course, this is easy for me to say, having never been in this position but I thought I could at least tell you what I know from being on the other end! Hope it all goes smoothly! Charla

Jen M said...

Oh Janet, I totally feel for you and I know it will be an adjustment but the adjustment will be made and it will soon be a simple daily ritual. I have to agree with Charla though - he will take his cues from you. With ten years of child care I have never had a child cry for more than a few minutes once their mom left. It is harder when they are one (as compared to when I would get babies at 6 months old) but they soon adapt. Good luck and enjoy this new chapter!

Davis Family said...

I was such a mess when I had to leave Gavin to go off to work. I actually felt it was harder on me as he had a "don't let the door hit you on your way out" attitude. I mean you don't want them to be traumatized but you do want them to miss you a wee bit. I am happy to report yhat I adjusted well. I am not however suggesting that I am well-adjusted! Ha!

Laurie said...

Definately praying for you!

I hope it all goes smoothly for all of you! Good for you for puting off the laundry and dirty floors! I certainly could learn from that!

Take care, I am thinking of you!