Monday, July 13, 2009

Reminder to self: kids are pretty smart.

My kid does know what I'm trying to teach him. Lanelle was hitting Kellen, who was getting a little frustrated. I talked to him about how we have to teach her, because she doesn't understand she shouldn't hit. Kellen was right into that and very patient when he told her later, "please don't hit, that is not allowed." He mentioned it several times to me in the evening. "We have to teach Lanelle, right?" So, I asked him, "And, what do you think I have to teach you?" His eyes wander around the room, but I can tell he's thinking. I'm laughing inside, thinking he probably has no idea. I'm also thinking, "sharing!". I couldn't believe when he smiles slyly and says, "to share!" Obviously I'm getting through to him if he can come up with that, right?! I was surprised, but probably shouldn't be. Kids are pretty sharp, eh?

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