Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our magical morning

We had a magical morning down at the beach, just a short bike ride away. It always seems to be quiet at this rocky little spot.
Kellen requested to come here. The monkey bar beach he calls it. There's a little grove of trees behind the monkey bars. I said to him, lets go on a hunt in the woods. He was right with me and his eyes lit up. "What do you think we'll find? Is this the woods with Fox and Franklin? Let's go hunt for treasure!"

Of course, this was after he abandoned his shoes.

And had gotten all wet. He stripped naked while I was looking the other way and refused to wear his wet clothes. Well, he tried to. He did wear his shirt and underwear while we played in the woods and I hung his pants to dry a little.

Lanelle explores in her own way at her own pace. Today, rocks were very interesting.

Kellen was so excited about his treasures that we took them home and displayed them for Dad. Rocks, bark, leaves, twigs...
While I was taking pictures of that excitement, I realized I had never taken pictures of Ian's table. Not that I wasn't excited about his project. I really love it, even more than I hoped to.


Crystal Quilliams said...

NICE WORK IAN!!! That's awesome! You are a great mom Janet. Nice to hear of your "adventures" with your kids and that you take time to do it with them. Have a super rest of your week.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the table...and the cute kids!

Davis Family said...

Did Ian make that? It is great!! What a great job!! We get very excited over completed projects in this house!

pella said...

fun janet! And what a beautiful table!