Friday, April 09, 2010

Early start at beach season.

I had the day off yesterday. We had such an early start the day, we were soon outside in the backyard, doing some of this:It was so beautiful, the decision was made to pack a snack (guacamole and crackers was the choice) and head down the trails to the monkey bar beach. Yea, first trip to the beach for the season! The kids loved the adventures and gathered treasures on the way...and stopped to tell stories at times. Lanelle is quite adamant lately that we need a boat, a green one. We don't know where on earth she got the idea from, but I'm quite delighted and think we should really get that canoe we've been talking about for years! She also likes to talk about ducks. Kellen mostly talks about transformers.Big brother was especially cute trying to convince Lanelle that the slide was not scary.There was lots of time playing in the sand (and I wished that I'd thought to take a book).
Snack time happened briefly a few times, but it was awfully hard to give snacks much attention. Swinging and monkey bars for all (including mom). Kellen was especially proud at how well he did monkey bars this year.

That was only the morning of our day together. We also managed to fit in a trip to the dentist (and heard that Kellen has beautiful teeth!), to the coffee shop, grocery shopping, and tackle storage room reorganization. None of which was so much fun to take pictures of, ha!


Davis Family said...

We are hoping to come your way this summer. Maybe we can hook up for some play time at the beach with you and the kids. Then we can chat and you won't need a book! I'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun Janet. Glad to see you having fun with your cuties!