Monday, April 05, 2010

weekend at the cabin

I've got no pictures, as I forgot my camera. I will be able to get some from Mary though :) We had a super good time. A few (Kellen) stories:

Bill & Ian had gone to Hudson Bay. I was going to give Kellen a ride on the quad. He was a little unsure of my abilities to begin with, but he got on with me. When I was fumbling around trying to figure out reverse (oddly, I've never driven Ian's quad and I found out later you have to be holding the gear shift down to put it in reverse - different than the quads I've driven anyway), Kellen got very concerned. Told me I should not drive. He began to panic and cry, screaming for me to turn it off. It was too funny, so I didn't oblige too quickly. While he was calming down and walking away after I gave up - he informed me that you should not drive a quad if you don't know how to reverse. I also enjoyed watching Mary laugh at the situation from her view on the deck. A dramatic Kellen moment.

Kellen & Arwen came in after drawing on rocks on the deck. I notice Kellen had BIG red "K"s written on each leg of his pants!
M: What were you thinking Kellen?!?
K: Oh, I just didn't want anyone to steal my pants. - (Yeah, he was fumbling for a reason on that one!)
AHHH! He now has been informed writing on pants is not allowed. This "K" writing is a recently acquired new skill - I hope it doesn't turn up in other undesirable places. (And, no they were not kid friendly markers. The weekend laundry was done, and the red K's still remain on the 3 week old jeans!)

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