Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter Eggs

We tried natural dyes last weekend on our Easter eggs.
  • pickled beet juice = bright pink
  • red cabbage = beautiful bright blue
  • beets = brown
  • coffee = brown
  • orange peels = not yellow (my research told me it would)
  • grape juice = purple (but it was a slimy skin on the eggs that would rub off, weird)
Next year I'll be trying out more of these ideas. Maybe I'll have more luck getting a yellow egg. I trust these ideas, as they admit that beets + vinegar turns eggs brown, NOT pink as other people indicated.

I'd show you pictures if I had any (really disappointed I forgot my camera). But, this post will help me next year, so I don't lose this information :)

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Maxine said...

Hi Janet,I remember being at my Grandma's in Mankota once at Easter and she cooked the eggs with onion skins in the water and they were a beautiful rusty brown color. My Mom said that was the only way they had colored eggs.
Auntie Maxine