Sunday, April 11, 2010


The wait was just too long for cousin Arwen to come! I tried explaining that an hour and a half was a VERY long time to wait in chairs at the window, but with no luck! Ian and kellen made a trip to go get her instead of waiting for her to get dropped off. It was just going to be too unbearable (for me to listen to the whining and the question: how much longer?)

The other morning Kellen was having impatience problems again. I took him to the wall clock. "See how this hand is pointing straight up? It has to point straight down. 30 minutes and then we'll get our jackets on to go to Kenzie's house." I think I got 30 reports over the time period. "Yes, its moving!" "Yes, its almost there!" "MOM, IT"S GETTING CLOSE!!"

Sometimes in my life, I have found it hard to wait, to be patient. Always thinking of the next stage or wondering how things will turn out. I am so thankful that lately I have not had any of those thoughts or feelings. I'm enjoying the peacefulness and the way it makes it be so easy to be in the moment. I take back any and all of the thoughts I had of "oh, what I'll be able to do when my kids are older." I wish they would stay this age forever.

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Anonymous said...

The girls were up at 6am waiting to go to a birthday party that was at 11am LOL. Waiting is not fun for anyone!