Friday, March 04, 2011

Me & Neve

Neve and I seem to get lots of one on one time, seeing as I'm her only food supply. The other 2 however, love to be off with Dad. Lanelle is especially enjoying this new way of dividing up. She used to hate to miss out going with Daddy and Kellen when they would go off to do errands in the city. This weekend the big kids and Dad are off to the farm for curling and cousin time. I was prepared for some busy crafting and organizing time. I started by tackling the junk drawers (that was a serious job after 2.5 years of unlimited collection). As that wrapped up, Neve got into some serious evening fussing time. Now, 2.5 hours later and most of the evening gone, I wonder what I was thinking. Umm, just because there is no one else speaking English in the house for the weekend, does not mean it will be quiet! Maybe I'll revamp my plans though and put cuddling Neve a little higher on my list, 'cause she is pretty special. my view of beautiful Neve sleeping on me, cuddled in the sling

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