Monday, March 28, 2011

Nevey and knitting

This sweetheart seems to be called Nevey more than Neve lately. Interestingly, I notice we mostly only use Nevey when speaking to her. When we speak of her, its still Neve. She's smiling and cooing a lot more regularly now, which makes everyone in our house fall more in love with her. I love seeing some personality coming out. She's getting more demanding about being held. The swing is just not cutting it anymore.
These are some of her 2 month pictures. I'm not doing very good at taking lots of pictures these days, but I'm going to try my best to take these monthly pictures.

We brought Kellen's friend home with us after pre-K one afternoon. He was very taken with the baby and wanted to check out her bellybutton - and he giggled and giggled about it. Kellen kept saying lets go play now, but he wanted to stay with the baby he said. So sweet!

Finished Neve's second sweater on the weekend. I was sewing on her buttons in a meeting, I just couldn't wait to have it all finished. I am pretty patient about a new project, but the closer I get to finishing it, the more obsessed I get. I get so excited to see the finished product.
I've been compiling a list of life lessons that are knitting related, so you'll probably hear some of those soon. Ian says I'm more obsessed about knitting than he is with any of his hobbies. Scary if that may be true.


Davis Family said...

Now that is a beautiful sweater!

Angela said...

so gorgeous and it came out perfect! Love her pics too. Nevey is a cute name! Are cousins allowed in on the term of endearment? We used to call Dominique "MIMI" and a little while back she said she wanted to be called that again, but we've let it slide off again into disuse.