Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick thoughts in point form.

  • Kellen has taken off with skiing. Up the tow rope and down the bunny hill by himself. Was super excited to go up the chair lift with Dad!
  • Yesterday was our anniversary. Some friends watched the kids while we went for a xcountry ski together. It was a beautiful day and a great ski!
  • I am excited to begin another knitting project, so I'm trying to be quick here.
  • Neve is having much longer awake times during the day and evening. She's content and even smiley sometimes. We all love her!
  • Lanelle is pooping on the potty! (Yes, I just wrote that. It's too exciting not to share! And, yes, I think it is LONG overdue.)
  • I asked Kellen if he knew where dad was. He said "He's on the computer. Looking at guns at Cabelas." "How do you know Kellen?," I asked. "Oh, I just know." Well, he wasn't. But, that answer says a lot about where Ian spends his time. That answer made me giggle for the rest of the day.
  • Last week was super busy - Stamp club, playgroup, make and take playdough at school, story and rhyme time, parent day at pre-K, gym night, caregroup, friends for lunch...we were on the go all week. Super fun. Yet tiring.
  • I want more hours in a day. Or to need less sleep. Because its all so fun.

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jenn with two n's said...

Love the fun! Happy Belated 7th Anniversary--I was just thinking of your wedding day as spring turned into a winter snowstorm. It was a good day.