Thursday, February 16, 2006

The blah blah blog of the day

(Ian here) well my wife says I have to do the blog today , so here goes
What is a blog really? This term blog , is so new, to me at least that as
of yet it doesen't have it's own identity. So I suppose that what I am doing now is
partially creating its identity. That is to much responsibility for me. I better just sign off
untill the blog is a rock solid institution with set paramaters and boundries. untill then I bid you
ps. just kidding( mostly), we are impatiantly awaiting the newest and only arrival thus far to our family. This is our whole world right now.


Julia said...

no blog for 3 days..that's gotta mean something!!

pella said...

Could it be? Is there a new family member?

Angela said...

only one complaint here, why didn't you send me a note with your blog address??? I heard via Brian, via Sheena, that you had found mine and was starting one, so I've been anxiously waiting for someone to link it or something. Thanks to Pella, you have been found! Welcome to the blogging world and perhaps the parenting world??? Well, actually, no perhaps about it, pregnancy recreates your life too! Looking forward to hearing about my little cuz.

Leah Reid said...

No Big Red OR skin head!! that must mean that sweet baby is coming!! Leah