Friday, February 24, 2006

First bath

Last night Mom and I gave Kellen his first fully undressed bath at home. Being undressed seems to be his least favorite thing, but I think he liked his bath more than he thought he would at first. After a little protesting he seemed to maybe even enjoy a little. I love watching his reaction to things. Well, I just like watching him. I watched him sleep on the bed for a while last night and just stared at him in amazement. I can't believe how perfect he is. Since we've been home he's fallen into a very easy routine. Eat, stay alert and quiet for 20 min, sleep for 3 hours...It was easy to predict his pattern. I think he sensed that Grandma was gone tonight because he threw me off and only slept for an hour after supper tonight and was a little bit fussier. Ian and I finally gave him a bath after his short sleeping periods this evening and he is now sleeping very soundly. I'd better hurry and get to bed myself before he is up again and ready to eat.

I just have to say though how much I miss my Mom tonight. I can't imagine these first few days at home without her. She was so reassuring and encouraging. Interesting how I needed my Mom more than ever when I became a mother myself. We are never too old to be taken care of by our mother. It was wonderful to have meals ready, house cleaned, meals frozen ready to go, and Ian really appreciated the apple pies! Thanks for all your support Mom.

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