Saturday, May 13, 2006

Baby Einstein

I learned the stories are true, babies really do watch Baby Einstein! Kellen was wide awake one day this week when I really wanted to study. In desperation I opened the DVD and was amazed when he quietly watched it.


Angela said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but Ivan also loves baby einstein and we recently had to hide it. There are the bonus', he learned to say "flower" and "chaise (french)" and we can watch it together and go over words, but it got to where everyday, at least 5 times a day, he would throw tantrums for it. At first it was where he could bring it to us, so I moved it, but he could see it and it was constantly a power struggle. He just doesn't understand that one time a day is enough. So it is now hidden in with the blender in the kitchen (don't tell him). I'm figuring some day we'll bring it back out, but in the meantime, we are enjoying the peace. Thought I should warn you!

J'nea said...

you are lucky he lieks the T.v
It will give you a break every now and then. My girls still don't like tv. I wish the y would watch just one show all the way through.

Brian said...

I'm convinced Baby Einstein dumbs down your kids.

Ivan was learning to talk at a normal rate.

Now all he does is talk in bleeps and whistles like those flippin' sock puppets.


Angela said...

Forgive my husband. He forgets that most of Ivan's "words" are only mysteriously understood by us as they are monosyllables, nowhere close to the real word, and the rest are grunts and noises. At least when he's imitating the video, we know what he's thinking about!