Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Waiting for my bread...

I have a few minutes until my bread is done. I should have started it earlier. But I didn't, so here I am waiting for it to be done so I won't have soggy bread in the maker tomorrow. So since I am entertaining myself while the men in my house sleep, I guess I'll share some thoughts...

I was doing Kellen's laundry tonight and realized I was smiling while I was doing it. I love the boy so much that it makes me happy to do his laundry! I didn't know how much I could love my child!

About a month ago I heard an interesting conversation on CBC radio that I keep thinking about. It was about children of Holocaust survivors and how they have second generation stress disorders since they learn about the world through their parents. It really impacted me to think about how children learn and how much parents influence their children in ways they don't know. I started thinking about this again today and wondering what things Kellen will learn from me because of how I view the world.

I notice that it seems like all I think about is Kellen when I write... Well, this blog is "All About Kellen." Sometimes I do wonder if it is possible for a mother to get too focussed on her child. Ian said to me once that it scares him how caught up I get in Kellen. Maybe I'll have to start writing about other things in my life sometime... but not tonight, there's the buzzer for bread.

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Ian said...

The OTHER Ian said:
Maybe that mothering instinct is just build in by a loving Creator and you just can't help it. I'm glad for Kellen that he has such loving parents. May God bless you for the next 21+ years as he grows up!