Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kellen & Mommy

Here's some of my favorites from the photo shoot with J'nea. Lots of pictures, not so many with Kellen's smile. I think this one is my favorite. I wonder what he thinks when he sees me. I always thought it was kids that strive to make their parents proud. I never realized that a parent would think about who they want to be, because they want to make their child proud. I hope that Kellen will grow up to be proud of the person I am and the mother I am. He makes me want to be better.

Here's why Ian & I often call Kellen "Crazy Eyes". I would love to know why he gets this look and what he is thinking!

I love this boy SOOO much!


mary muirhead m-i-l said...

If you want to know what kelen is thinking when he looks at you, ask Ian!
Love, mary

Anonymous said...

OK so I misspelled the "wee bye's" name!