Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some Favorites...

Thought I would post some of recent favorite pictures after sorting them and making backups of my many, many pictures. Here's Kellen and I enjoying the holiday yesterday at the Koops'.
Everytime Kellen & I have visited the Mullers, he seems to do a lot of crying. Not sure why, but I guess its all the activity going on with 4 kids there. He does like the girls. This is one of my favorites of him smiling for them.
Kellen was crying when we stopped for gas, so I pulled him out of his carseat and set him in the drivers seat. It was like he instantly knew what seat he was in. I got several pics of him all happy and proud to be there.
Here's his first girlfriend picture. Morgan is just 5 days older than Kellen.

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Ian said...

Love your pictures; they are so clear and of course the subject matter is precious.